‘Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman’ Pilot Review (Ep. 48)

Dolores and Maeve aren’t the only strong female television characters in a western setting. The 90’s gave us Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman. Special guest Vanessa Cole from the fan site Westworld Watchers joins Craig and Heather to discuss the pilot episode. They talk about the history behind the show (6:46), their memories of watching it when it originally aired (10:47), themes of sexism and racism (15:45), issues of class and status (19:00),  Jane Seymour (23:48), Quinn’s plans for independence (25:22), the treatment of Native Americans (29:45), “Sullyclaus” (36:20), and our favorite moments (37:20).

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‘Westworld’ Hype Series Part I (Ep. 04)

It's time to get hype about Westworld! (Jamaican airhorn) In part one of a two part series, Craig, Jonathan, and Brian discuss what they're most anticipating with the upcoming season. Listen to hear them talk about the most absurd HBO connected universe theory (1:40), how can HBO turn the concept into multiple seasons? (4:15), one of the most mysterious scenes from the teaser trailer (7:10), robot romance (8:20) [WARNING: there are spoilers about the movie Her from 9:10-9:25], what exactly is West World? (10:10), the potential memes and cultural impact (13:00), the breakout star we’ve never heard of (15:57), Evan Rachel Wood (19:05), Anthony Hopkins finally back in a great project (19:42), and the weird Delos Terms and Conditions (22:22).

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‘Westworld’ Season One Teaser Trailer Discussion (Ep. 03)

When we first saw the trailer for Westworld, we had no idea what we were watching. Now that we've seen the original 1973 movie, we have a somewhat better idea of what the show is going to be about. So we decided to go back and watch the original trailer and see if we could make sense of it.

Listen to our initial impressions when we first saw the trailer (2:30), our scene-by-scene breakdown (6:10) [Warning: Craig has theories, lots of them!], and our podcasting schedule leading up to and through the first season of the show (45:00).

Artwork by Oliviu Stoian from The Noun Project