Mini-episode: ‘Deadwood’ Pilot Preview

Did you know Westworld isn’t HBO’s only western series? In 2004, Deadwood premiered to critical acclaim. Unfortunately, it only lasted three seasons, but it remains one of the great television shows depicting the American frontier in the late 1800s. Craig, Heather, and Brian reviewed the pilot episode. Here’s a preview

Artwork by lastspark from The Noun Project


‘Westworld’ Hype Series Part II (Ep. 05)

It's time to get hype again! (Jamaican airhorn) In part two of our hype series, Craig, Jonathan, and Brian discuss: what exactly is Delos? (1:40), are we going to see other parks? (4:40), the cinematography (8:25), the set design (12:08), the visual effects (13:20), the music (14:13), Ed Harris as a villain (16:20), how will we know who is a robot? (20:20), and JJ Abrams Easter eggs (24:00). Also, Brian is going on a special trip so tune in after the outro to hear about it.

Artwork by stolkramaker from The Noun Project