Mini-episode: ‘Ghost in the Shell’ 1995 Preview

Considered one of the greatest anime films of all-time, Ghost in the Shell (1995) is a cyber-punk masterpiece. In anticipation of the modern reinterpretation coming out at the end of March, Craig, Heather, and Jake watched the original. Here’s a preview of their review of the movie.

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‘Contrapasso’ S1E5 Deep Dive Part I (Ep. 16)

Craig, Jake, and Brian dive deep into episode five of Westworld, “Contrapasso.” In part one of a two-part series, they discuss Ford and Bill's little talk and the greyhound symbol (2:42), cemeteries and safety coffins (6:31), our first visit to Pariah (11:14), The Man in Black and Lawrence (14:58), the livestock department (19:41), The Man in Black and Teddy (25:57), Dolores’ vision and her visit with Ford (31:15), Felix, the bird, and the concept of blue-collar surgeons (41:51), El Lazo, timelines, and Host on guest violence (46:41), and the convoy (57:45).

Stefon on Westworld

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‘The Stray’ S1E3 Deep Dive (Ep. 11)

We dive deep into episode three of Westworld: “The Stray.” Craig Carter, Heather Barefoot, and Jake Ratliff discuss Dolores and Bernard’s little talk (1:16), Elsie’s workplace struggles (3:23), William and Logan's relationship (5:43), a female guest with a gun (7:50), Teddy’s purpose and how it affects Dolores (8:58), loops and constellations (18:14), the Wyatt narrative (22:45), Arnold and the bicameral mind (24:32), Ford’s low blow (34:52), sending Dolores down the rabbit hole (38:24), Stubbs and strays (48:15) and the theory of the week [WARNING: potential spoilers!] (55:28).

The “Bicameral Mind” Explains What's Next for Westworld

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‘The Original’ S1E1 Deep Dive (Ep. 07)

Craig and Jake dive deeper into the first episode of Westworld. They discuss Jake’s love of westerns and their impact on American culture (1:30), our introduction to Dolores, Teddy, and the park (4:15), the purpose of the hosts (13:40), the inner workings of the park (15:00), meeting Dr. Robert Ford and how they made the robots seem like robots (22:45), the small changes that have huge ripples (28:24), what it's like being a guest and empathy (33:04), park bureaucracy and Core Code (35:50), being affected by the outside world and families (41:24), the politics of Delos (45:30), programmed racism (48:28), robot errors and technological advancements (50:00), the Ford namesake (54:26), the third day (57:36), the shootout (59:42), Peter Abernathy and Shakespeare (1:01:05), what the Man in Black is up to (1:13:45), and the Delores theory (1:14:55).

How Westworld Uses Visual Effects to Make Better Human Actors

Westworld Episode 1 Shakespeare Quotes Explained

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‘Westworld’ Hype Series Part II (Ep. 05)

It's time to get hype again! (Jamaican airhorn) In part two of our hype series, Craig, Jonathan, and Brian discuss: what exactly is Delos? (1:40), are we going to see other parks? (4:40), the cinematography (8:25), the set design (12:08), the visual effects (13:20), the music (14:13), Ed Harris as a villain (16:20), how will we know who is a robot? (20:20), and JJ Abrams Easter eggs (24:00). Also, Brian is going on a special trip so tune in after the outro to hear about it.

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