10 Player Piano Covers We Hope to Hear in Season 2 (Ep. 31)

The piano player covers were such a big part of the first season of Westworld. Craig and Heather couldn’t wait until 2018 to hear the next group of songs to be covered in season two. So they got the help of the musician behind our podcast theme music to help compose a hypothetical season two soundtrack. Alex Thompson joins Craig and Heather to play 10 amazing songs from all different genres in the piano player style. You'll hear piano player versions of: Into the West (6:39), Hurt (10:34), Rolling in the Deep (17:51), Jolene (21:07), Chandelier (25:11), Time in a Bottle (29:54), Mad World (34:23), Idioteque (38:14), Send in the Clowns (43:27), and I Say a Little Prayer (48:52).

And Craig, Heather, and Alex discuss each one and how they might fit into the show.

Artwork by Oliviu Stoian from The Noun Project

Alex Thompson’s Bandcamp Page


Mini-episode: Player Piano Covers Preview

This is the most exciting thing to happen since the finale of Westworld! Craig and Heather share a project that has been in the works for quite some time. We got the creator of our honky tonk theme music to help us imagine what the music might be like in season 2. Here’s a preview of what’s to come.

Artwork by Raz Cohen from The Noun Project