‘Black Mirror’ | ‘Be Right Back’ Review (Ep. 46)

If you love dystopian sci-fi and you haven’t watched Black Mirror, you need to change that immediately. A great episode to start with (and one that relates heavily to the themes of Westworld) is “Be Right Back.” Craig and Jake discuss the episode’s commentary on grief (3:19), how we portray ourselves online (8:59), consumerism (16:45), the problems with the androids (27:59), the brilliant foreshadowing (31:47), and the literary tradition of this episode’s premise (35:23).

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‘The Adversary’ S1E6 Deep Dive (Ep. 19)

Craig, Heather, and Brian dive deep into episode six of Westworld, “The Adversary.” This episode we're changing up the format a bit. It's still chronological, but we’re covering entire story threads in separate sections. We discuss The Man in Black, Teddy, and the Union soldiers (2:56), Maeve and the surgery cats, Felix and Sylvester (17:14), and all the weird and wonderful developments of the Delos employees (46:53).

Nick Marra’s Amazing Gunslinger Sculpture

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‘Contrapasso’ S1E5 Deep Dive Part I (Ep. 16)

Craig, Jake, and Brian dive deep into episode five of Westworld, “Contrapasso.” In part one of a two-part series, they discuss Ford and Bill's little talk and the greyhound symbol (2:42), cemeteries and safety coffins (6:31), our first visit to Pariah (11:14), The Man in Black and Lawrence (14:58), the livestock department (19:41), The Man in Black and Teddy (25:57), Dolores’ vision and her visit with Ford (31:15), Felix, the bird, and the concept of blue-collar surgeons (41:51), El Lazo, timelines, and Host on guest violence (46:41), and the convoy (57:45).

Stefon on Westworld

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