‘Ghost in the Shell’ 2017 Review (Ep. 39)

Craig, Heather, and Jake loved the original Ghost in the Shell (1995). And they were excited to see the new one. They discuss exciting Westworld news (:50), the new Ghost in the Shell (5:10), spoilers and the Fate of the Furious trailer (5:51), comparing the original with the live-action (7:29), the clarity of the film (7:58), the cybernetic enhancements (13:53), the geisha-bots and the spider tank (15:06), the depiction of “the net” (24:08), Kuze and the lack of existential crisis (25:38), Batou, Pilou Asbæk, Togusa, and the garbagemen (34:21), the advertisements (42:35), the big controversy (48:03), connections to Lost in Translation (54:05), and therm-optics and mind-comm (55:34).

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‘Ghost in the Shell’ 1995 Review (Ep. 37)

Ghost in the Shell is considered one of the great science fiction anime films of all time—and for good reason. Craig, Heather, and Jake got together to review it in anticipation of the new version set to release at the end of March. They discuss facts about the movie and their general impressions (1:40), the film’s influences (8:43), the brilliant animation (14:30), the question of consciousness (19:54), sexuality and gender identity (28:10), favorite moments (36:22), and their thoughts about the 2017 version (45:07).

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Mini-episode: ‘Ghost in the Shell’ 1995 Preview

Considered one of the greatest anime films of all-time, Ghost in the Shell (1995) is a cyber-punk masterpiece. In anticipation of the modern reinterpretation coming out at the end of March, Craig, Heather, and Jake watched the original. Here’s a preview of their review of the movie.

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