‘Wild Wild West’ 1999 Review (Ep. 33)

Wild Wild West was the western/scif-fi/action/comedy/steampunk mashup we never knew we needed. Craig, Heather, and Jake review the 1999 classic.

They discuss 60s tv show upon which it is based (1:25), differences between the show and movie (3:48), facts about the movie (11:56), where they all were during the summer of 1999 (29:59), the film’s needless exposition and lack of physics or continuity (35:55), crossdressing Kevin Klein (42:27), how the movie was likely made for 13-year-old boys (44:47), the largely useless female characters (47:35), the amazing and terrible special FX (53:51), how long it actually takes to go west (59:29), Kevin Smith and the giant spider (1:00:34), why there hasn’t been a great steampunk movie yet (1:06:39), the brilliance of Kenneth Branagh (1:12:50), and why we still love the movie (1:18:59).

Artwork by lastspark from The Noun Project


Mini-episode: ‘Wild Wild West’ 1999 Preview

What would you think if you heard we were going to review a western/sci-fi mashup based on something from over 40 years ago? If you thought Westworld, you thought wrong! We're reviewing the 1999 steampunk classic Wild Wild West. Craig, Jake, and Heather give you a preview.

Artwork by lastspark from The Noun Project