Interview with Ptolemy Slocum aka Sylvester (Ep. 42)

Here is our full interview with Ptolemy Slocum (aka Sylvester). We discuss his improv background (2:20), how he ended up on Westworld and his amazing costume (9:16), his thought process behind the character of Sylvester (14:45), his off-screen friendship with Leonardo Nam (aka Felix) (23:11), what it was like being on the set (27:32), the prevalence of nudity (32:45), working with Thandie Newton (35:19), working with Billy Crystal in the City Slickers parody (39:43), a fun behind-the-scenes story (43:39), where he sees his character going in season 2 (46:56), and what it’s like watching as a fan (51:20).

Artwork by IYIKON on The Noun Project


‘The Bicameral Mind’ S1E10 Deep Dive Part I (Ep. 28)

Craig, Jake, and Brian dive deep into episode 10 and the season one finale of Westworld, “The Bicameral Mind.” In part one of a two-part series, they discuss Maeve’s escape, the value of Hector and Armistice as sidekicks, Felix’s redemption, Delos security, and the possibility of other parks.

Artwork by anbileru adaleru from The Noun Project