Shannon Woodward aka Elsie Hughes is Doing Motion-Capture Acting for ‘The Last of Us Part II’

At the podcast, we are big fans of Shannon Woodward and we are also big fans of video games. Today the actress tweeted along this picture with Neil Druckman, creative director and writer of The Last of Us and Uncharted 4. We were already excited for the sequel to one of the greatest video games of all-time. Now that some Westworld talent has been injected into it? Forget it. We're over the moon.

A huge congratulations goes out to Woodward for landing this role. We’re sure she’ll be amazing in it.

‘The Adversary’ S1E6 Deep Dive (Ep. 19)

Craig, Heather, and Brian dive deep into episode six of Westworld, “The Adversary.” This episode we're changing up the format a bit. It's still chronological, but we’re covering entire story threads in separate sections. We discuss The Man in Black, Teddy, and the Union soldiers (2:56), Maeve and the surgery cats, Felix and Sylvester (17:14), and all the weird and wonderful developments of the Delos employees (46:53).

Nick Marra’s Amazing Gunslinger Sculpture

Artwork by Creative Stall from The Noun Project


‘The Stray’ S1E3 Deep Dive (Ep. 11)

We dive deep into episode three of Westworld: “The Stray.” Craig Carter, Heather Barefoot, and Jake Ratliff discuss Dolores and Bernard’s little talk (1:16), Elsie’s workplace struggles (3:23), William and Logan's relationship (5:43), a female guest with a gun (7:50), Teddy’s purpose and how it affects Dolores (8:58), loops and constellations (18:14), the Wyatt narrative (22:45), Arnold and the bicameral mind (24:32), Ford’s low blow (34:52), sending Dolores down the rabbit hole (38:24), Stubbs and strays (48:15) and the theory of the week [WARNING: potential spoilers!] (55:28).

The “Bicameral Mind” Explains What's Next for Westworld

Artwork by Yu luck from The Noun Project