‘Ex Machina’ 2015 Review (Ep. 51)

Ex Machina is one of the best new sci-fi films of the past decade. And it deals with many of the same themes as Westworld. Craig, Jake, and a new guest Lauren Faber discuss the background of the film (0:49), their general impressions of the film and Alicia Vikander’s performance (8:00), Domhnall Gleason as Caleb (13:47), Oscar Isaac as Nathan (16:12), the setting and how it played a part of the story (25:04), the ending (31:19), the film’s low budget being a huge benefit (37:40), the idea of sexuality (42:17), and their favorite moments (48:40).

Lauren Faber

Artwork by Sergey Patutin from The Noun Project


‘Black Mirror’ | ‘Be Right Back’ Review (Ep. 46)

If you love dystopian sci-fi and you haven’t watched Black Mirror, you need to change that immediately. A great episode to start with (and one that relates heavily to the themes of Westworld) is “Be Right Back.” Craig and Jake discuss the episode’s commentary on grief (3:19), how we portray ourselves online (8:59), consumerism (16:45), the problems with the androids (27:59), the brilliant foreshadowing (31:47), and the literary tradition of this episode’s premise (35:23).

Artwork by Xinh Studio from The Noun Project