‘The Well-Tempered Clavier’ S1E9 Deep Dive (Ep. 25)

Craig Carter and Brian Sutorious dive deep into the ninth and penultimate episode of Westworld, “The Well-Tempered Clavier.” They discuss Stubbs’ run-in with the Ghost Nation (4:02), Maeve’s journey to hell and back (9:59), The Man in Black inching ever so close to the end of the maze (20:38), William, Logan, and Dolores partying Confederado style (38:26), Bernard’s journey of self-discovery (55:19), and Dolores and Arnold finding each other (1:07:16). Also stay tuned after the ending theme music for our theory of the week section (1:32:01).

Artwork by ProSymbols from The Noun Project


‘Contrapasso’ S1E5 Deep Dive Part II (Ep. 17)

Craig, Jake, and Brian further explore episode five of Westworld, “Contrapasso.” In part two, they discuss El Lazo’s compelling offer (0:34), Elsie’s suspicions (1:50), the orgy and the argument (7:51), Dolores visiting the fortune teller (14:22), nitro and Confederados (20:02), the time traveling train part I (25:21), smiling Logan (27:13), the time traveling train part II (29:29), The Man in Black and Dr. Ford (30:46), the holy crap ending (36:41), and Brian’s amazing skateboarding adventure (45:46).

Inside Westworld's Epic Orgy Scene

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‘Dissonance Theory’ S1E4 Deep Dive (Ep. 14)

Craig, Heather, and Jake get together to dive deep into episode four of Westworld, “Dissonance Theory.” They discuss another one of Bernard and Dolores’ little talks (3:05), Maeve’s vision (12:40), Theresa, Elsie, and office politics (19:47), William, Logan, and the family stakes (26:10), The Man in Black and his obsession with snakes (29:22), Dolores’ flashbacks (35:29), The Man in Black and the prison break (40:33), Armistice and her amazing tattoo (51:01), Maeve and the shades (54:52), Theresa, Bernard, and body language (58:40), Ford being 10 steps ahead of everyone (1:03:08), Logan and William (1:08:04), Teddy lives! (1:08:55), Logan and William and Pariah (1:09:55), the final act and the magic bullet (1:11:43), and the theory of the week (1:20:00).

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