‘Wild Wild West’ 1999 Review (Ep. 33)

Wild Wild West was the western/scif-fi/action/comedy/steampunk mashup we never knew we needed. Craig, Heather, and Jake review the 1999 classic.

They discuss 60s tv show upon which it is based (1:25), differences between the show and movie (3:48), facts about the movie (11:56), where they all were during the summer of 1999 (29:59), the film’s needless exposition and lack of physics or continuity (35:55), crossdressing Kevin Klein (42:27), how the movie was likely made for 13-year-old boys (44:47), the largely useless female characters (47:35), the amazing and terrible special FX (53:51), how long it actually takes to go west (59:29), Kevin Smith and the giant spider (1:00:34), why there hasn’t been a great steampunk movie yet (1:06:39), the brilliance of Kenneth Branagh (1:12:50), and why we still love the movie (1:18:59).

Artwork by lastspark from The Noun Project