‘Westworld’ Hype Series Part I (Ep. 04)

It's time to get hype about Westworld! (Jamaican airhorn) In part one of a two part series, Craig, Jonathan, and Brian discuss what they're most anticipating with the upcoming season. Listen to hear them talk about the most absurd HBO connected universe theory (1:40), how can HBO turn the concept into multiple seasons? (4:15), one of the most mysterious scenes from the teaser trailer (7:10), robot romance (8:20) [WARNING: there are spoilers about the movie Her from 9:10-9:25], what exactly is West World? (10:10), the potential memes and cultural impact (13:00), the breakout star we’ve never heard of (15:57), Evan Rachel Wood (19:05), Anthony Hopkins finally back in a great project (19:42), and the weird Delos Terms and Conditions (22:22).

Artwork by Oliviu Stoian from The Noun Project