‘Contrapasso’ S1E5 Deep Dive Part II (Ep. 17)

Craig, Jake, and Brian further explore episode five of Westworld, “Contrapasso.” In part two, they discuss El Lazo’s compelling offer (0:34), Elsie’s suspicions (1:50), the orgy and the argument (7:51), Dolores visiting the fortune teller (14:22), nitro and Confederados (20:02), the time traveling train part I (25:21), smiling Logan (27:13), the time traveling train part II (29:29), The Man in Black and Dr. Ford (30:46), the holy crap ending (36:41), and Brian’s amazing skateboarding adventure (45:46).

Inside Westworld's Epic Orgy Scene

Artwork by Oliviu Stoian from The Noun Project