‘The Original’ S1E1 Deep Dive (Ep. 07)

Craig and Jake dive deeper into the first episode of Westworld. They discuss Jake’s love of westerns and their impact on American culture (1:30), our introduction to Dolores, Teddy, and the park (4:15), the purpose of the hosts (13:40), the inner workings of the park (15:00), meeting Dr. Robert Ford and how they made the robots seem like robots (22:45), the small changes that have huge ripples (28:24), what it's like being a guest and empathy (33:04), park bureaucracy and Core Code (35:50), being affected by the outside world and families (41:24), the politics of Delos (45:30), programmed racism (48:28), robot errors and technological advancements (50:00), the Ford namesake (54:26), the third day (57:36), the shootout (59:42), Peter Abernathy and Shakespeare (1:01:05), what the Man in Black is up to (1:13:45), and the Delores theory (1:14:55).

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