‘Chestnut’ S1E2 Deep Dive (Ep. 09)

Craig Carter is joined by his friends Jake Ratliff and Heather Barefoot. They dive deep into episode two “Chestnut.” They discuss Dolores’ midnight stroll (3:20), William and Logan’s arrival at Westworld (5:17), trouble in Delos (17:43), “these violent delights...” (20:39), hats and trains (23:16), The Man in Black and Lawrence (28:20), Maeve and her “faults” (32:11), getting acquainted with the Devil (37:50), William and Logan in the park (41:45), war and historical inaccuracies (42:49), Dolores and Bernard (49:13), 20% more aggression (53:36), Theresa and Bernard and corporate (55:56), Logan stabbing things and making William uncomfortable (58:47), is sleeping with a robot cheating? (1:04:44), the workshop (1:08:25), The Man in Black and Lawrence Part II (1:12:14), Ford and mini-Ford (1:20:06), Bernard and Theresa and coitus (1:23:25), Maeve's nightmare (1:25:42), Dolores' second midnight stroll (1:36:32), Odyssey on Red River (1:37:03), and a new segment: Theory of the Week! (1:42:15).

Artwork by Manos Hatzidakis from The Noun Project